Changing Shipping

1. Go to the admin of the store (

2. Click Settings on the admin bar, then Shipping. Here you will see all of the prices of shipping that has been set for each country.

3. If you want to change the shipping rate of a certain zone, click edit in the top right of it.

4. You can base the shipping rate off of two things, price and weight. As of now each shipping rate is based off weight. 

5. For example, if you click edit on Europe, you will see that if an order is between 0-10kg in weight, the cost of shipping is Dhs. 100 (this is at the bottom of the page).

6. To add a new rate, first you must decide if you want it to be based off price or weight, then click add rate on the one you want. 

7. "Name" is what the customer will see on the shipping rate at checkout, minimum weight or price of an order is the lower limit and the other is the higher limit. "Rate" is the price, and you can click Free Shipping to make it free.

8. Let's say you wanted to make so if a customer spends over $100, they get free shipping: you would add a price based rate, make the minimum order price $100 and make the shipping free and that's it!  


Creating a Product Image (Product Template)

1. Open the Luxury Arcade Template in Photoshop.

2. Drag the desired product image into the template.

3. Make sure the product is in the center of the template.

4. Firstly select the "Rectangular Marquee Tool" (or press M), and drag the tool over the entire image (or press Command+A). Then select the "Move Tool" (or press V) and click "Align horizontal centers".

5. Go to file and select "Save For Web", save the image as a JPEG and set quality to "Very High".

6. The image is then ready to be used as a product image.


    Adding a Product 

    1. Go to the admin of the store (

    2. Click Products, Product List, then Add Product in the top right of the page.

    3. Name the product in the Title and it's details in the Description.

    4. Click upload image and choose the new product image (or you can simply drag the new image or images into the images box).

    5. Set the product type, vendor, collection and colour with the drop down boxes on the right (the theme has been coded for Tags to be the Colours).

    6. Scroll further down to set the price, weight, stock and code for the product (to add stock ensure "Inventory Policy" is set to allow Shopify to track inventory of this product, and set the number of stock that is available. 

    7. Save the product and it will appear on the store page.


    Adding Variants to a Product 

    1. Go to the admin of the store (

    2. Click Products, Product List and choose the product you wish to add a variant (whether it be a different style, size or colour).

    3. Scroll to the bottom and click the Add Variants button.

    4. Name the variant in "Option Name", whether it be size, colour or style. Then you can add the different options in the "Option Values", for example, if you want to add a size like Small, type Small into the options value and press the comma key to create it. 

    5. If you would like to add more than one variant, click the "Add another option" button.

    6. Once you have added all of the variants for the product, save it.

    7. Scroll down again to the variants section and you will see that your variants are there.

    8. You have to set an image for each combination of variants. For example, for a Small and Yellow product, drag the appropriate image into that variant. 

    9. You can change the price and stock of each image by clicking the edit button on one of the variants (remember, if you would like to track stock of an item, choose the option for Shopify to track it in "Inventory policy"). 

    10. You can change the price and stock of every variant by clicking the small box to select them all and choosing bulk actions from the drop down box.

    11. Make sure you save the product once you are finished.  


      Changing Slider Images (Slider Template)

      1. Go to the admin of the store (

      2. Click Online Store, Themes, then Customise Theme. This is where all of theme options are, ensure you do not change aspects that do not need to be changed.

      3. Click on "Homepage - Slideshow" in the theme options.

      4. Here you can replace slider images and titles.

      5. Ensure the images you want to use are the exactly the same size as the current slider images.

      6. You can also change the "Link URL", this will change the link for the slider image.

      7. Ensure you save your changes to make them show on the page.


      Changing Featured Images (Featured Image Template 1, 2, 3)

      1. Go to the admin of the store (

      2. Click Online Store, Themes, then Customise Theme. This is where all of theme options are, ensure you do not change aspects that do not need to be changed.

      3. Click on "Homepage - Promotional Image Grid" for 1 and 2, and "Homepage - Wide Promotional Image" for 3. 

      4. Scroll down, this is where you can change the images.

      5. Click replace to choose a new image you would like.

      6. You can also change the link of the images where it says "Link URL".

      7. Ensure you save your changes to make them show on the page.


      Managing Inventory 

      1. Go to the admin of the store (

      2. Click on Product List. Here you can see the amount of stock you have and in how many variants (if the number is highlighted in orange, this means there is a variant that is out of stock).

      3. You can see more detail on how much stock you have for each variant if you go to a single product page.

      4. Scroll to the bottom of a single product to see all of the variants it contains, you can edit how much stock you have here, the name of each variant, the SKU and the price.

      5. You can also edit each one to see more detail for a variant by clicking "Edit": you can change the price, whether or not to allow customers to still purchase an item that is out of stock or to stop Shopify from tracking the stock completely.

      6. Ensure to save your changes to update it.


      Creating a Collection

      1. Go to the admin of the store (

      2. Click on Products and then Collections. Here you you will see all of the collections that have been created. You can also see the conditions each one has for products to be added to it, we have done it based off of tags.

      3. To create a new collection, click Add Collection in the top right.

      4. Make sure you name the collection something unique, as they cannot have the same names. Nothing needs to be put in description, leave that blank.

      5. In conditions, you have two options, either you can manually add products or add products automatically, I suggest doing it automatically. The reason for this is once you have created conditions for a collection, any new products that you add fitting those conditions will be added to the collection automatically.

      6. For example, if I wanted to create a collection for Men's T-shirts:

      • I would call the collection "Men's T-shirts".
      • Make sure "Automatically select products based on conditions" is selected.
      • Make sure "Products must match : all conditions" is selected.
      • Click the first drop down box where it says "Product title" and select "Product tag"
      • Then enter a tag that is in the products you would like to be added to this new collection, so for men's t-shirts they would be "menwear" and "t-shirt".
      • To add more than one conditions click "Add another condition".
      • Once you have set up the conditions, click Save in the top right, once the page has refreshed you will see that products meeting the conditions have been added.

      7. To add the collection to the sidebar on the shop page, go to "Online Store", then click on "Navigation.

      8. Find the menu called "Sidebar" and click "Edit Menu".

      9. Click "Add menu item", this will appear at the bottom of the list. You can drag it to put it wherever you would like.

      10. Name it, click the dropdown box and choose Collection, then find the collection you have just created. This will create the link for the label on the sidebar on the shop page.


      Linking a Banner on Homepage to a Collection

      1. Go to the admin of the store (

      2. Click on Products and then Collections. Click on the collection you would like to link.

      3. Click on View in the top right, this will open the collection in store on your browser. This is the link you need.

      4. Click Online Store, then Customise Theme.

      5. Slideshow is the top image, Promotional Images is the two images and Wide Promotional Image is the bottom image.

      6. If you click inside these, you will see Link URL underneath each image, paste the link of the collection in this box to link the image.

      7. Make sure you save your changes before exiting the page.


      Creating discount codes 

      1. Go to the admin of the store (

      2. Click on Discounts, in the top right click "Add discount code".

      3. You can either name the discount code yourself or click "Generate Code" and it will put a random code as the name. This is what you will send to customers for them to enter into checkout to get the discount.

      4. Conditions is where you will set parameters the customer will have to have in order for the discount code to work. 

      5. There are three conditions you can use:

      • Dhs. AED: This is to discount a specific amount of money.
      • % Discount: This is a percentage based discount.
      • Free Shipping: This is to give free shipping.

      6. You can also set the usage limit at the bottom and a date for it to expire on the right of the page.

      7. Ensure you click save in the top right when you're finished.





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